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Fitness Games provide enrichment, Confidence, health, and fun in your dogs’ lives – A way of topping up your relationship bank account and a great outlet for dogs that find walks and the world scary!

An Arsenal of Games

Your interactions with your dog should be all about games – but what games? Well, in this DVD programme, are tried and tested fitness games!

A Fitness Lifestyle

Written and presented by vet behaviourist Dr. Tom Mitchell and internationally renowned dog training Instructor Lauren Langman, who share their lifestyle and dog care hacks that keep our dogs living longer, healthier and happier lives!


These Fitness Games are a mainstay of their working with dogs that are reactive, lack confidence or generally are worries (they call them Naughty but Nice dogs), and the transformations are phenomenal!

Your Time with Your Dog, Spent Better

Creativity in your dog training and play with your dog can sometimes dry up without the right input – this is where Triple-F comes in!

Fitness for Sport and Life

Tom and Lauren believe every dog is a sports dogs – whether it is top level agility or running around with friends in the park! Let’s make them Real-Life Ready!

Naughty but Nice Success

They are passionate about enrichment for dogs coming in more forms than simply a leash walk. In fact, reactive dogs can often find those terrifying (as can you as an owner some days!) Triple-F has you covered!