Your End Of The Lead book by Janet Finlay



  • The Perfect Companion for owning a reactive dog
  • Great strategies to be able to enjoy a worry-free walk
  • Written by Tellington TTouch Instructor Dr Janet Finlay


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Living with a dog is supposed to be relaxing and fun.  But when your dog finds the world a challenge, it can be anything but. Walks are done at night or spent trying to avoid meeting anyone – and the things you always wanted to do with your dog – days out, doggy sports, relaxing holidays – forget it.  It’s got so bad you find yourself tensing up when you see a dog or a person coming – and you feel so isolated from the rest of the world.

You are embarrassed and feel a failure, especially when someone say “there are no bad dogs, just bad owners”! People tell you that you have to relax  – and you know your tension makes your dog worse – but how on earth are you meant to do that, when your dog is spinning like a dervish at the end of the lead? And most of all, it hurts that no one else sees the lovely, loyal dog that he is with you. You know your dog is a great dog – but how can you convince others when all they see is flashing teeth?

Help is at hand with Your End of the Lead by Janet Finlay


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3 reviews for Your End Of The Lead book by Janet Finlay

  1. Ros Kinloch

    A fabulous book, well written with sympathy, honesty & humour, packed with information and guidance, and enlightening ideas to help transform your experience of living with a reactive dog. I have read many many books in my own personal quest to find help & answers, but THIS is the book which will now become my bible and source of inspiration. In my opinion, this is the best help out there in book form, it’s a brilliant read and really encourages you to think “outside the box” as well as realising how much you can change by simply changing the way you think and see things. Very highly recommended. You WILL learn something new from this book, even if that is just about yourself!

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a terrific read written by the brilliant Dr Janet Finlay. Comprehensive, clear and solution focussed, it contains a wealth of knowledge and ideas to change mindsets from negative to positive, from threat to challenge. It acknowledges that there are two ends of the lead, and by addressing the human end as well as the canine one, so much more can be achieved to build a calm, confident and strong partnership. An absolute must read for professionals and guardians of reactive dogs. Just hugely hugely helpful. Thank you Janet by Ros Kinloch by Amazon Customer

  3. Bagrat

    Frustrated, concerned, tried everything to help your dog, but still finding it tough and lonely, this book will give you hope. Written in a friendly style, it’s like chatting with an approachable person whose aim is to help you change how you feel about what’s happening with your dog’s emotional responses and yours too. The book is well referenced as well as full of anecdotes about Dr Finlay’s journey with her own dogs. At no point are you ever left feeling your dog’s responses are your fault or theirs. It will change how you see your dog and his reactions. There is never a hint of blame for you or your dog. Everything is tailored to what is a good fit for you and your canine companion to develop an even closer relationship. It builds on that relationship not teaching quick fixes. What’s not to like?

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