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Naught But Nice dogs might lunge, bark, chase, bite, growl or be reactive. They may become easily frustrated or over aroused; they may be very distracted dogs or unresponsive in certain environments.

  • Does your dog lunge or bark?
  • Is your dog easily distracted?
  • Has your dog been described as reactive?
  • Is your dog a worrier?

In this DVD, vet behaviourist Dr. Tom Mitchell and internationally renowned dog training instructor Lauren Langman share with you the key understanding, components, skills and games that turn these Naughty But Nice dogs into superstars, whether as companion or sports dogs.

Arming yourself with the right knowledge, skills and games makes living with Naughty But Nice dogs effortless and stress-free!


In Naughty But Nice Dr. Tom  and Lauren tackle:

  • Being your dog’s expert
  • Understanding how your NBN dog learns and harness that forever
  • Understanding canine emotions and how to change them
  • Discovering the unique personality of your dog and how to develop it further
  • Creating calmness!
  • Training a framework to make living with your NBN dog a cinch!
  • Building an optimist and dog that responds positively to everything
  • Being able to manipulate arousal levels
  • Playing games to develop crazy focus and impulse control