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Your dog focusing on you off-leash, recalling them away from other dogs or even them just choosing to stick close to you can seem so daunting.

All too often, our dogs learn that when the leash comes off… the game is on with everything in the world but us. We teach each of our dogs one vital concept before teaching them anything else – when the leash comes off, we are the best thing in the environment!

This concept became known as Leash Off, Game On. When the leash comes off, our dogs think the game with us is about to start! Now you don’t get this by teaching a “sit, a “down” in fact you don’t get it by teaching any behavior. As the name suggests, you achieve this by playing GAMES!

In this DVD vet behaviourist Dr. Tom Mitchell and internally renowned dog training instructor Lauren Langman have figured out what the ten biggest games to teach our dogs. These games are on this DVD for you to play with your dog, so no more off-leash reliability make off leash time as much fun for you as it is for your dog, with leash Off Game On.